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Where are all the feminist tweeters?

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This post is prompted by two things. The first is a tweet by journalism lecturer and social media researcher Julie Posetti (@julie_posetti) asking where the women bloggers about Australian politics were hiding (hint:on the internet). Of course this brought back memories of the most spectacular recent version of this long lasting phenomenon, featuring Crikey’s Possum Commitatus, who blogs here.

The second thing is my great joy at the recent feministisation of my tweetstream. Because a lot of my tweetstream is food-related, I went off the whole “follow friday” thing because of its nauseating circularity. I’m over that because #feminstfriday has introduced me to some fantastic new writers, and some great conversations with writers whose blogs I already loved.

Here they are; please be aware quite a few of these accounts are locked, and you need to send a request to be able to see that person’s tweets. There are lots of good reasons why people might do that. Someone is more likely to let you see their tweets if you are known to them (online or otherwise) if you have a webpage linked from your twitter profile and if they can see you have nice manners – but then again they might not. Some people (like me) use TrueTwit to avoid spammers, which means you get a verification email before that person sees that you follow them.


This list is by no means exhaustive. Leave a comment about yourself or someone else who should be on the list, and I’ll update it.

Updated: and as hoped, the additions are coming in! Yay! If you’re on the list and you’d rather not to be, comment or email and I’ll remove you.


  • Thanks for including me! Here are some more :)

    *rushes off to add new friends*

  • Great list, thanks!

    I’m @mymilkspilt and I also recommend


  • Thank you both; all updated. Keep ‘em coming.

  • a few that spring to mind, @frala_fontaine, another @TagAlongTess @drkknits

  • I am going to have to bookmark this page for later.

    @frogpondsrock and @SleeplessNights

  • Respectfully can I nominate myself? I often tweet on feminist outrages, and the trials of bringing up two daughters in a patriarchy.

    Also –

    @badhostess (Helen Razer’s new username)

    The womenz is rooling da twitter!

  • Oh whoops. My username is @tudorgrrrl Because I’m an English history freak (especially a fan of that great proto-feminist Elizabeth I) and a grrrl. Not a girl. Nor a lady. A growling person.

  • Welcome back Ms Zoe!

    I’d include the lovely @jessmcguire.

    Now to add my two cents to controversy corner – Catherine Deveny? Love her or loathe her, I’d still say she’s a feminist.

  • Totally happy for people to nominate themself, Alison, who better knows if you’re a feminist?

    And aof, Deveney is on the list, as are a number of other women who I don’t follow. It’s a list of feminists, not a list of “good feminists” ;)

  • I’m a feminist! (Does anyone remember that British film where the character says that? I think it was a Mike Leigh one circa 1990) But the emPHASis of my tweets might not make that apparent.

    I’m looking forward to exploring that list.

    I recommend @angecasey too, even if she’s a bit random.

  • Bellsknits forgot to suggest herself! @bellsknits
    And can I also nominate my lovely mama? She is an awesome fierce old school feminist. @trishola1

  • Well, there’s me: @mischa76.

    @ungoddess (formerly @theundomestic)

  • I would like to nominate


    A great feminist with a passion for supporting homeless, those with mental illness and youth.

  • Oh thanks @keepingmumsane.

    Please add @keepingmumsane to your list of uber feminists. Thanks.


  • i’m a feminist and i tweet!

  • Thank you for this.

    For what is worth, I’m there too.

  • Gravatar The Amazing Kim
    July 1st, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    @steampunkd (I think I spelt that right), @definatalie, @TheRotund, and me, @TheAmazingKim.

  • Got an “e” in it Kim! Thanks to you and all other suggesters.

    I am thrilled at the list we’re building.

  • I’d love to nominate myself – @naomieve – and @msmapes (Sarah Maples, awesome performance artist, great blogger too), and @krasnostein. Plus, I don’t update it often, but @hottest100women for your feminist music fix.

  • A lot of people don’t know about me. I don’t think I know how to use Twitter well. Am I suppose to use hash tags more or something?

    @femswfsd – tweeting about feminism & sexual dysfunction since about 2 or 3 months ago.

  • [...] the idea of 21st Century noise and what it means to Lady Gaga. On Twitter, Crazy Brave was asking Where are the Female Tweeters, and offered a substantial list of said tweeps. Also on Twitter, PharaohKatt was looking for music: [...]

  • Thanks for adding me. I’ve had to close my @keepingmumsane Twitter account but I’m back on there as @KMSane if anyone cares.

    Also I nominated @JudeEkerick

  • Nomination for @JudeEkerick, Jude has given me inspiration, wisdom & hope… 140 characters. She’s truly inspiring to me. I’m not a specific feminist blogger, I’m a homeless 40 something who blogs about mental illness stigma & the challenges of being a single, independent homeless woman.
    Also, I’m one of those protected tweets people…. @nchristiana

  • I don’t tweet much but I am proud to be a feminist.

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