Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011...7:26 pm

Two questions for Christopher Pyne

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This photograph was posted by Julie Posetti (@julieposetti) on twitter, from today’s anti carbon tax rally at Parliament House in Canberra:

Here are my questions for Christopher Pyne:

1. I know you think language is important, because you have claimed it is offensive to call someone who disagrees with something a “denier” because that language effectively identifies them as a Nazi sympathiser. So how offensive is it to refer to a woman in public life as a “bitch”, and in particular, as someone else’s bitch?

2. Can you – or anyone else – show me a photograph of Sophie Mirabella, Brownyn Bishop and Tony Abbott on a stage together. Because it’s a little bit suss to get the ladies up front right now. Or do Liberal bitches just do what they’re told?

That’s three questions, isn’t it?

PS – I wondered why Christopher Pyne came into my head thinking about this – it’s because he’s got form.


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