Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006...11:34 am

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I’m 37. I live in Canberra. Yes, on purpose, I like it here. I have a partner called Owen and we have a 6 year old son, Sage, and a baby, Jethro, who will be 2 in January.

I work one day a week as a research assistant at ANU, but I’ve done quite a few things for work, generally involving arguing and writing. I like windsurfing and raging.

Credits and Thanks

This blog is brought to you by the kindness of Comrade Liam Hogan of stoush.net, who set me up and told me to “fix it ’til it breaks“. Which I did. Several times. Thanks, Liam, you rock.

The main banner was fiddled up with the assistance of Ampersand Duck, who is a genius you should hire for all your letterpress and design needs. Although you might want to know that her photoshop skillz are so intense it broke my work computer. The main banner features Mrs Betty Weider (neé Brosmer) on the cover of Cloud ’9′ magazine in 1959. It’s a “58 page magazine filled with beautiful Naked Ladies – some XXL Busted – All Extremely Sexy” if you’re interested. The cloud background is from a photograph by netjeff, and is used under a Creative Commons licence, the conditions of which are here.

The gargoyle in the complaint policy banner is by *Fly*, and is used with permission. Check out *Fly*’s photos on Flickr.

The other banners use photos I have taken.

The theme is PressRow, by Chris Pearson who also has a personal blog. Of course.


  • Just realised that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting your other half :)

    I’ll give one hint – Harmonie…

  • Zoe,
    Was looking at your blogs while reading a thread in Chris Pearson’s forums. And wanted to say (1) you’ve made good customizations – on crazybrave and progressivedinnerparty – and (2) great blogs.
    My partner, Gretchen is a serous foodie, as are more of our friends – I’m certainly going to pass the links around (but probably not on my main blog, which is about public health and disaster preparedness; but I’ve got a couple of others.


  • Dear Ms. Zoe. Bowman,
    I’m a Japanese woman and I’m looking for my penpal when I was a junior high school student. I only remember her name and that she lived in NSW, Australia. I really would like to contact her and tell her how much I thank her. I enjoyed writing letters in English and I learned English from her.
    I found this website when I searched with your name. Your website has a lot of information and I see that you’re an energetic woman.
    If you were my penpal about 25 years ago, please contact me.
    Thank you.

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